COLLINGWOOD ART DOLLS one of a kind art sculpture

Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Jane Collingwood,  and I am the artist behind ~Collingwood art dolls~

I live in the Highlands of Scotland and have been sculpting my little creations for almost 7 years....

What do I sculpt?....mainly babies of some kind, but not always "human" ones!! .........."faerys", "elves", "mouselings",and  "hoglings" have all been known to pop out of my clay from time to time :)

....I also sculpt "memorial" babies for families who have lost a precious little one.

to see examples of my past work please take a look at my Adopted Gallery and feel free to contact me via the  links on the contact page listed above

thanks for peeking at my website

Jane xxxxxx


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